Specialties & Fees

Specialties & Fees

Mindfulness, Compassion and Collaboration

I work as a guide and an active participant in your therapy. By reflecting, noticing and being curious about your life and feelings, I can enter into your experiences with empathy, compassion and the skills necessary to help you find joy, connection and meaning in your life.

Individual Therapy

People usually begin therapy because of a recent event or person in their life that has caused them great pain. As their immediate distress is relieved they can begin to delve deeper into their feelings, dreams and fears to envision their authentic self and create a life that is meaningful, rich and satisfying.

Couple Therapy

Relationships can be a source of great joy as well as deep pain. Problems with communication, finances, parenting and intimacy can often come between you and the person you love. I can work you and your partner to help identify the patterns in your life together that are causing you distress.


I’ve worked with adolescents and know how difficult this time is for many young people. Adolescents often need an advocate, someone who will listen to then without judgment, be willing to enter their world and help them discover their strengths to lead them to a productive, satisfying life. Adolescents do not live in a vacuum, that’s why I include the parents and sometimes other family members in the therapy. I often invite parents into a session to address family issues or support my adolescent clients as they bring up difficult topics with their parents.


I am now accepting Partnership Health Plan of California (Medi-Cal)

My standard fee is $120 for a 50 minute weekly session. I also have some sliding scale openings should you have a critical financial need.

I accept cash, checks or credit cards.